The Podcast Bursary is a silly way for me to feel vaguely philanthropic by donating a chunk of money every year to a whole bunch of different podcasters.

The way it works is that I select one initial winner each year and that winner has access to a maximum of half the bursary (£500). They then let me know how much they think they can reasonably spend on podcast related stuff (hosting, better equipment, travel expenses, etc). Then they also get to nominate two other podcasts. These two podcasts each get the same deal, they get to spend up to half of the money allocated to them on their own podcast and pick two other podcasts to also benefit from the bursary. This continues until there’s less than £100 per nominee, at which point the remaining nominees split the money without nominating further podcasts. For example:

Bob’s Biscuit Podcast is selected by me. Bob has access to a maximum of £500, but only thinks he can reasonably spend £250, so the remaining pot has £750 in it. Bob then nominates Alice’s Alliterative Podcast and Charlie’s Creative Podcast. Alice and Charlie each have access to a maximum of £175 to spend on their own podcasts. They spend it all and nominate Dave’s Delicious Podcast, Eve’s Excellent Podcast, Fred’s Fantastic Podcast and Georgina’s Great Podcast. These each receive £87.50 without the choice to nominate any further podcasts.

If that made sense then answer the following for bonus points: If one podcast leaves King’s Cross at 5:30am travelling to Newcastle, while another leaves Birmingham New Street at 7:23am travelling to Aberystwyth, how many apples do I have? (Turn website upside-down to read answer at the bottom)

Doing it in this overly convoluted way means that more than just the podcasts I personally listen to can benefit, since all except one of the recipients are nominated by other podcasters.



I like podcasts. I like listening to them. I like making them. They’re like radio that anyone can get involved with, and that’s both artistically and democratically interesting to me.

I live fairly cheaply and my employer’s pretty generous, so if I’m not careful I end up accidentally hoarding money like some sort of capitalist squirrel (boo!). Doing odd things like this allows me to redistribute it to people who can put it to more interesting uses.


Aren’t there more worthwhile things to spend the money on?

Almost certainly, but there’s also lots of less worthwhile things I could spend it on. Biscuits for example. So don’t think of it as a choice between podcasts and orphaned kittens, but instead between podcasts and me stuffing my face with £1000 worth of biscuits.


Who’s received the bursary?


Comedian’s Comedian Podcast

Stuart used the bursary to help pay for travel costs to LA Podfest, where he interviewed Jackie Kashian, Todd Glass, Jimmy Pardo and Dave Anthony.

Scummy Mummies Podcast

Helen and Ellie upgraded their microphone and bought a new pop shield and a boom scissor arm, allowing them to improve the audio quality of their podcast.

The Stand-Ups Throwdown MMA Podcast

Bryan hired a designer to help make the Stand-Ups Throwdown website look great.

The Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin Comedy Podcast

Carl and Chris used the money to pay for some new mic stands and to buy some tasty vegan snacks for their guests.

The Comedians Telling Stuff Podcast

Sofie hired a designer to create an awesome new logo and paid for the Comedians Telling Stuff soundcloud subscription and domain registration.

South London Hardcore

Jack and Steve put the money towards the annual hosting costs for their podcast network (The Holdfast Network).


Trick question, I only have biscuits.